Program' Goals

As a general objective, the University of São Paulo’s graduate Program of Compared Studies in Portuguese Literatures aims to continuously broaden its frontiers as an interdisciplinary excellence center on the integrated and comparative study of Portuguese language literatures amongst the social and political contexts of their origin countries.

Among its specific objectives and goals, we emphasize the following:

-Develop the academic research and the graduation teaching in the Letters domain from the Portuguese language literary corporativism perspective, improving the exchanges among national and international professors through events, joint publications, seminars and short courses;

-Stimulate the innovation on theoretical and methodological bases, proposing researches that can arouse new research questions and new research objects, demanding thus the development of new approaches forms that can lead to new forms of knowledge, encouraging the participation of professors and students of the Program in national and international events, progressively investing on the publication of researches’ results;

-In the political and academic domains, participate on the literary and knowledge production of the Letters and culture areas, more specifically on the contexts of Portuguese Speaking Countries, but also outside of it, encouraging the international cooperation agreements and the possibilities of experiences’ exchanges among professors from different superior-education institutions, progressively investing on partnerships;

-Investigate the relations of the literature with other forms of artistic manifestation and knowledge production/promotion, investing on the production of academic and courseware contents produced by the faculty members of the Program and its students.